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Why I started this blog…

This, dear readers, is why I’ve decided to start this blog. I realised early on that the Turkish FWOG club is fairly substantial – it was simultaneously comforting and slightly unnerving to realise quite how substantial – and I’m a girl in need of solidarity.

To marry my Turkish boy and relocate my life 1500 miles away is the question I’m currently grappling with. I know no-one else can give me the answers about my own relationship. I know that every relationship is different and you can’t ever really know someone else’s relationship, and blah blah blah.

But I’m hoping against hope that there are others out there grappling with this same question who might get something out of sharing their experiences, and who might be interested in mine too. This blog is definitely a bit of an experiment. Maybe no-one else will want to talk about being a fellow member of the Turkish chapter of the International Love Club. But here’s hoping.

Warning: Before we go any further, however, I have one urgent piece of advice to anyone who’s grappling with this same question: do NOT, whatever you do, feel tempted to type this question into Google. Don’t ask why, just take my word for it. If you want to consider your options in a rationale way, DO NOT DO IT.

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