The shit hits the fan

That didn’t go quite as planned. A grand fanfare to a new blog, then nigh-on 2 months of silence.

I’m aware that this is some of the worst blogging etiquette ever. But I hope you’ll consider my excuse valid.

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. In my last post, I posed a seminal question – to marry or not to marry my Turkish sweetheart – as the driving force behind my blog. Now, the entire premise behind that post – reaching out to the unofficial foreign wives and girlfriends community in Turkey to help me make that decision – has become irrelevant.

Let me try to bring you up to speed:

  1. I found the answer all by myself when E asked me to marry him not two weeks after my post. I said yes.
  2. My relationship with my father has become almost unbearably strained as a result of 1 – let’s just say he’s not on board with the whole project. Yet.
  3. On trying to re-enter Turkey after a few weeks away, I was informed I’d somehow overstayed my visa. I was forced to pay a fine and buy a ticket straight home. Worst of all, I’ve been barred from returning for the next three months.

If that feels like a head-spinning tour of some fairly life-changing events, imagine living it. I think I’ve got whiplash.

As I try to process everything that’s happened over the last six weeks, I’ll write more. But I wanted to explain my blogging absence before the blogger’s guilt overwhelmed.

You can decide for yourself if my excuse was good enough.

11 thoughts on “The shit hits the fan

    • Thank you Jane! You can’t know how much your comment means to me. It’s a rotten old time right now, but having the support of friends, family and even perfect strangers makes it a lot easier to bear.

      • I hope you have the support of his family even if yours isn’t as supportive as they could be. I still remember my dad’s reaction when I first told him about The Turk – he was not happy! But he came around and I get yrs will as well.

        I will keep an eye out for your updates.

  1. Did you know that you can apply for Residency in Turkey. It doesn’t allow you to work but you can come back and forwards as often as you like. A normal visa, as you have found, only allows you to stay for 90 days in 180 days. Ask at the Turkish Embassy in London. Good luck.

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