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In love in… Beirut?

Seeing as how this blog is called ‘In love in Istanbul’ and all, it makes it kind of a pain to be banned from entering Turkey for the next three months (69 days and counting, by the way). Add the fact that E is in Istanbul and I therefore not with me, and you might think things would seem rather grim.

Luckily, I’m a silver-linings kind of girl. If I can’t be in Istanbul, I figured I may as well close the geographical gap a little. So I decided to come to Beirut instead.

Had I been able to go back to Turkey, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it when someone suggested I apply for a job in the Lebanon office of the international aid agency I work for. But when I was unceremoniously sent home from Istanbul, I decided that this was fate’s way of telling me to go.

And so here I am. In love and in Beirut.

I’ve been in the city for a grand total of 72 hours now. So far it’s pretty great. Beirut feels very laid back, despite the obvious political tensions, and I can’t wait to explore.

Anyone else spent time in Beirut and the rest of Lebanon? All travel tips gratefully received!

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