Relationships / Turkey

English girls and Turkish boys

There are some true horror stories in the online community of foreigners involved with Turks. In my travels through this community I’ve stumbled upon stories that make my blood run cold, and sometimes even seriously question what I’m doing with E.

Luckily, I’m not the kind of girl who can be put off by other people’s bad experiences (see this recent post for an example), but so that you can understand my reaction, here’s just a flavour of that world:

  1. Turkish men and your holiday romance: a solid piece outlining why many holiday romances with Turkish boys do fail, in pretty balanced terms. Just don’t read the comments, which are a horror show of genuinely bad experiences, cultural stereotyping and bitterness.
  2. Turkish waiter Murat Can Ertani brags he already has another English girlfriend from the UK – particularly rabid piece from the Daily Mail about the predatory ways of one particular Turkish waiter who ran off with a 16 year old English girl.
  3. Are Turkish guys a womanizer (sic)? A thread in, all about how all Turkish men are “trained” womanizers and all English girls are all slappers who like to have sex in club toilets.
  4. Love on a plate: Why Turkish waiters delight British girls looking for romance A charming forum discussion that paints all Turkish men as visa-hunters… sparked by this equally delightful article, which is essentially a series of “interviews” with Turkish boys working in Alanya, who all try to “seduce” the writer. They brag about their summer conquests, and most emphasise that they preferred the English girls because they have sex on the first date.

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