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Something like fate

I’m always faintly embarrassed to tell the story of how E and I met. I’m afraid I’m living a cliché. The reason? I’m essentially preparing to marry my holiday fling.

E and I met in the shadow of the Aya Sofia, one of Istanbul’s best-known landmarks. He was the tour guide. I was the bright-eyed tourist. What started as a Bosphorous Boat Tour and one wild night on Istiklal Caddesi has become, three years later, more serious than either of us could ever have imagined.Image

I always tried to be realistic. The chances of holiday romances working out are slim to none. Living in different countries, coming from different family backgrounds not to mention different cultures… we’ve both always been honest about the fact that the odds are stacked against us.

But even though sometimes I find it hard to take my own life seriously, three years later, here we are.

In the first days of our relationship – long before I thought of it as an actual relationship – I was swept off my feet by a torrent of hormones and excitement at the adventure of having an exotic foreign lover.

It was only when things began to get serious – when we began to believe this could be something more than a few fun long weekends – that I began to look back on the origins of our relationship with a kind of wonder.

If my holiday pal and I hadn’t gone to the Aya Sofia at that precise moment, E might have been busy. If the Blue Mosque hadn’t been shut for prayers at that exact time, we would have missed the boat tour altogether. If my holiday pal hadn’t seized control of the situation and texted E, we probably never would have seen each other again.

I’d generally call myself pretty rational, but after the roller-coaster ride of the last three years, I find myself also quietly believing in something like fate.

What do others think about the prospects of holiday romances and the wisdom of believing in fate?

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