Ah Istanbul, Istanbul…

Occasionally, I find myself wondering if I actually like Istanbul. After all, it’s a heaving pile of urban chaos a lot of the time, and I’m a village girl at heart.

But then I’ll catch a glimpse of that skyline on an advert or in a film, or the ghost of the smell of roasting chestnuts, or even just the cry of a lone seagull… And suddenly the special magic of this city I’ve come to call home rushes back to envelope me, and I have to admit the truth. I am smitten.


A few things have triggered this pang of affection lately. A very good friend of mine is there for work at the moment. The lovely photos in this post also brought the memories flooding back. And someone else asked me where I would be going after Beirut – Rome? New York? And while I love those cities and would like to go back, there’s no other answer for me but Istanbul.


For anyone not familiar with Istanbul’s magic, here’s a little flavour. E tried to teach me the words the other day. I am not talented in the singing department (or the memory department, it would seem) – I can go as far as line 2, then I just repeat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6YYpeo_M1Y

What cities have captured your hearts? Where do you dream of? Where do you know you’ll return to, without having to think about it?

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