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What the people of Istanbul think of me marrying a Turk


Amidst all the joy of being back in the ‘bul – it really felt like coming home – I’ve been tickled by the different reactions of some Istanbullular when I say I’m marrying a Turkish boy. Here’s just a little flavour before I get back to blog writing on a more regular basis…

Hammam attendant, Cemberlitas Hamami: (Whilst furiously scrubbing my back) “Ooooh, that’s wonderful! Congratulations. Turkish men are very strong. You are lucky.”

Carpet store man, Arasta Bazaar: (raised eyebrows) “You’re marrying a Turk? Oh… well… good luck then…”

Ceramic bowl vendor, Grand Bazaar: (clapping hands together) “Oh super, you are our bride then, aren’t you?” 

4 thoughts on “What the people of Istanbul think of me marrying a Turk

  1. Many Turkish people seem oddly proud that my Turkish fiance is marrying a blond American. I find it slightly odd, as though I’m being acquired by their country. 😀

    We live in the States now, but I miss living in Istanbul.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I think the term “gelin” sums it up quite well – you’re the one coming into their culture, and being absorbed by it. Generally I find this a really nice, welcoming idea – but if I think about it too much, it does get creepy…

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