What style of dress is appropriate for women in public?
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What style of dress is appropriate for women in public?

I just had to share this insightful graphic, courtesy of Karl Sharro: An Arab university ran this fascinating poll about what is most appropriate for American women to wear in public. pic.twitter.com/uIta80i1f8 — Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) January 9, 2014 (In case you’re now feeling curious, intrigued or indignant, it’s a take-off of this real-life graphic, … Continue reading

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From Lebanon to the world: Why today’s talk on the beauty of Arabic is so important right now

Originally posted on TED Blog:
The stage of TEDxBeirut 2012. This annual event has become a beacon of hope in the Lebanese city. Photo by Assaad Chbeir By the organizers of TEDxBeirut Archaeologists believe that Phoenician traders, who set out from the shores of Lebanon, spread their alphabet across the ancient Mediterranean world, unleashing a…

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I think I’m getting old. Five years ago, I sauntered off to Bangladesh without a care in the world. Sure, it was tough in all sorts of ways, living as the only foreigner in a tiny town, but I stuck out almost two years of it without too much trouble. I don’t remember being particularly … Continue reading

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Turkish soap operas are changing the world

I’ve always been fascinated by the purported power of pop culture to change society, whether that be evolution of pop music in 1960s London or the influence of Mexican telenovelas across the Spanish-speaking world. So it’s no surprise that I love (sorry, that should read LOVE) Turkish soap operas. Admittedly, I don’t understand a huge amount … Continue reading