How we tried to reach cross-cultural wedding nirvana
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How we tried to reach cross-cultural wedding nirvana

Today the very last of our wedding guests FINALLY pushed off, ten days after the day itself, and suddenly we are left alone to contemplate this whole being married malarkey. Scary stuff. Not that I begrudge these guests their stays with us: their presence made the wedding. I’ve never felt prouder or more loved than … Continue reading

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English weddings, Turkish weddings: a cultural comparison (part 1)

Over the last couple of months, I have been to more weddings and wedding-related celebrations (hen parties, henna parties, wedding receptions and actual-full-on weddings) in both the UK and Turkey than I would care to count. Combine this with the fact that I am also in the final 3 weeks of planning a 200-guest multi-cultural … Continue reading